3.9. 15:30 | Interactive Session 7: Motion Planning

Session Chairs: Sven Behnke, Jens Behley

Authors / Title


Sedat Dogru and Lino Marques: Energy Constrained Online Coverage Path Planning with a Lower Bound For the Optimal Performance

Brian Angulo, Konstantin Yakovlev and Ivan Radionov: Augmenting GRIPS with Heuristic Sampling for Planning Feasible Trajectories of a Car-Like Robot

Quantao Yang, Johannes A. Stork and Todor Stoyanov: Null Space Based Efficient Reinforcement Learning with Hierarchical Safety Constraints [Video Attachment]

José Grimaldo da Silva Filho, Khansa Rekik and James Crowley: Robust collaborative collision avoidance between robots with nearly symmetric crossing trajectories [Video Attachment]

Riccardo Caccavale and Alberto Finzi: Combining Task and Motion Planning through Rapidly-Exploring Random Trees