3.9. 12:00 | Interactive Session 6: Motion Planning and Exploration

Session Chairs: Emanuele Menegatti, Federico Magistri

Authors / Title


Ayoub Ridani, Othmane-Latif Ouabi, Cédric Pradalier and Nico Declercq: On-plate autonomous exploration for an inspection robot using ultrasonic guided waves

Jáchym Herynek, Petr Váňa and Jan Faigl: Finding 3D Dubins Paths with Pitch Angle Constraint Using Non-linear Optimization

Nils Rottmann, Robin Denz, Ralf Bruder and Elmar Rueckert: A Probabilistic Approach for Complete Coverage Path Planning with low-cost Systems

Marco Steinbrink, Philipp Koch, Bernhard Jung and Stefan May:
Rapidly-Exploring Random Graph Next-Best View Exploration for Ground Vehicles [Video Attachment]

Selman Djeffal, Chawki Mahfoudi and Ammar Amouri: Comparison of Three Meta-heuristic Algorithms for Solving Inverse Kinematics Problems of Variable Curvature Continuum Robots [Video Attachment]

Jan Bayer and Jan Faigl: Decentralized Topological Mapping for Multi-robot Autonomous Exploration under Low-Bandwidth Communication