2.9. 15:30 | Interactive Session 4: Human-Robot Interaction and Teleoperation

Session Chairs: Emanuele Menegatti, Jens Behley

Authors / Title


Son Le Quang, Shai Arogeti and Avinoam Borowsky: Remote driving testbed with force feedback based on slip angle estimation

Alberto Bacchin, Gloria Beraldo and Emanuele Menegatti: Learning to plan people-aware trajectories for robot navigation: A genetic algorithm

Steffen Müller, Benedict Stephan and Horst-Michael Gross: MDP-based Motion Planning for Grasping in Dynamic Szenarios

Filip Surma, Tomasz Piotr Kucner and Masoumeh Mansouri: Multiple Robots Avoid Humans To Get the Jobs Done: An Approach to Human-aware Task Allocation