2.9. 12:00 | Interactive Session 3: Localization and Mapping II

Session Chairs: Maren Bennewitz, Federiko Magistri

Authors / Title


Maxime Escourrou, Joelle Al Hage and Philippe Bonnifait: NDT Localization with 2D Vector Maps and Filtered LiDAR Scans

Elia Bonetto, Pascal Goldschmid, Michael J. Black and Aamir Ahmad: Active Visual SLAM with Independently Rotating Camera [Video Attachment]

Louis Gallagher, Varun Kumar, Senthil Yogamani and John McDonald: A Hybrid Sparse-Dense Monocular SLAM framework for Autonomous Driving [Video Attachment]

Alexander Mock, Thomas Wiemann and Joachim Hertzberg: Monocular Localization in Feature-Annotated 3D Polygon Maps [Video Attachment]

Stephan Sandfuchs, Moritz P. Heimbach, Jan Weber and Marco Schmidt: Conversion of depth images into planar laserscans considering obstacle height for collision free 2D robot navigation